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Resources for Reporting Fraud

Iowa Fraud Fighters are Iowans who have pledged to be informed and careful investors. Iowa Fraud Fighters shield their savings from scammers and fraudulent investment, consumer and Medicare insurance offers. Arm yourself with expert fraud prevention tips and learn how to avoid scams. It’s time to take a stand and shield your savings. You can become an Iowa Fraud Fighter by empowering yourself to fight and report fraud. The Iowa Insurance Division and other state agencies are here to help you.

How to Avoid Scams: State Agency Resources

Resources for Reporting Fraud

The Iowa Insurance Division is your state agency resource for reporting investment and insurance fraud. The Iowa Insurance Division supervises all insurance business transactions in Iowa. Companies wishing to sell insurance in Iowa must obtain permission from the insurance commissioner, who maintains general control over all aspects of the insurance business, such as forms used and rates charged. The commissioner also oversees securities, which involves the licensing of brokerage firms and their agents, examining new securities offerings and investigating investment fraud cases.

The Iowa Attorney General's Office is your state agency resource to report consumer fraud. The Iowa Attorney General’s Office protects Iowans from consumer fraud and enforces laws that keep fraudulent sales practices from harming consumers.

Senior Health Insurance Information Program (SHIIP) and Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) are programs within the Iowa Insurance Division and are your resources to report Medicare fraud. SHIIP provides unbiased advice on the best Medicare plans for your unique needs and SMP offers help to all Iowans to prevent Medicare fraud. Medicare fraud can lead to personal identity theft and increase the cost of insurance.

Arm Yourself with Knowledge of Common Scams

Learn how to avoid and report fraud.

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